slide1Dr. K. P. Hussain slide20Dr. K. P. Hussain, Chairman, Fathima Healthcare Group receiving "Business Visionary Award" presented by MESCE ALUMNI UAE on 09/10/2018 at Sharjah from Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Member of Parliament of India, Former Under Secretary General of the United Nation for Communications & Public Information. slide20Dr. K. P. Hussain Chairman of Fathima Healthcare Group receiving award Kairali NRI Business award 2018 “Golden Achievement Award” from Kerala Chief Minister Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan and Malayalam Cine Super Star Mr. Mammooty on 20th October 2018 at Sharjah slide20Dr. K. P. Hussain donated INR 5 Crores towards Kerala flood Relief at the Chief Ministers chamber at Thiruvananthapuram slide20Dr.K.P.Hussain, Chairman, Fathima Healthcare Group - Honored by Federation of Kerala Association in North America with "Doctor of Excellency Award" at USA slide20Dr.K.P.Hussain, Chairman, Fathima Healthcare Group Guinness World Record Achievement for most people taking the Career Achievement Test in association with on 16/01/2018. slide20Dr.K.P.Hussain hosting iftar for 1200 blue collars at dubai on 10th July 2013 slide20Dr.K.P.Hussain, Chairman, Dr.K.P.Hussain Charitable Trust honoring Ms. Madiya by presenting Outstanding Student Gold Medal on 09.06.2013 at Abu Dhabi slide20Dr.K.P.Hussain handing over the best actor award to Mr. Dileep during Jaihind tv film award night at Calicut on 26.05.2013. slide20Dr.K.P. Hussain honored by Shri.Sankara Narayanan, Governor of Maharashtra during Kerala Pravasi League Summit at Calicut on 4th May 2013. slide18Dr. K P Hussain addressing BIG HEARTS TOGETHER supported by Dr. K P Hussain Charitable Trust at Dubai on May 16 2013. slide18Dr.K.P.Hussain honored by Shri.Oommen Chandy, Chief Minister of Kerala during OICC 3rd International Summit at Abu Dhabi-12.04.2013. slide19Dr.K.P.Hussain presiding NRI's involvement in the development of Kerala Seminar in OICC Summit-2013. slide13Dr. K. P. Hussain honored by Shri.Oommen Chandy,Honorable Chief Minister of Kerala at Calicut Medical College. slide12Dr. K. P. Hussain is receiving the "Keralaiyam Global Award" in Russia slide15Dr.K.P.Hussain donating air tickets to the amnesty travellers in Dubai. slide14Dr.K.P.Hussain honored by Mariamman Temple Committee at Wayanad. slide2Dr. K. P. Hussain is awarded with “Arogya Karma Sreshta Puraskar” by Veer Pazhassi Raja Charitable Trust.
The award was given by H. E Shri K. Sankaranarayanan, Governor of Maharastra.
slide11Dr. K.P. Hussain-Chairman Fathima Healthcare Group, Mr. Motek Singh Ahluwalia-Deputy Chairman- Planning Commission of India, Mr. Sam Pitroda-Advisor to Prime Minister India in a channel discussion during Emerging Kerala-2012
slide3Dr. K. P. Hussain with Honorable Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam
slide31Dr. K. P. Hussain honored by Kerala Government and he is receiving memento from Shri.Oommen Chandy,Honorable Chief Minister of Kerala for his Humanitarian Services.
slide4Dr. K. P. Hussain with Honorable NRI Minister Vyalar Ravi
slide5Dr. K. P. Hussain honored by Kerala Government for donating Dialysis Machines to all district hospitals.
slide9Dr. K. P. Hussain with Dr.B.R.Shetty
slide10DR. K. P. Hussain with Sri.Abdu Rabb, Hon’ble educational Minister of Kerala

The Pioneer & his “Concept” (Medical care scheme for common people)

Starting his career in Dubai in a Clinic 20 years ago, Dr. K.P Hussain witnessed economically weaker blue collar workers who could not afford to pay for medicines and investigations. Dr. Hussain was disturbed by seeing the difficulties of many blue collar workers who had no money to get adequate treatment for chronic diseases and emergency situations. Dr. Hussain was deeply hurt and thought of doing something which will help them to find a solution.

In 2000, he began researching and reached to a permanent solution that the treatment of each Employee should be the responsibility of the organization they work for and the Government should ensure quality healthcare for all.

As part of his research Dr. Hussain approached many institutions and came to know that they did not have sufficient fund for Medical Insurance coverage for their employees.

Dr. Hussain, who always stands for the wellbeing and betterment of the fellow beings took this issue as a challenge and started meeting Insurance companies, hospitals, and clinics for a medical Insurance plan which enables a healthcare solution to the weaker sector of the society. 20 years ago, it was assumed that medical Insurance coverage would cost AED 7000/- to AED 10000/- but Dr. Hussain’s research studies proved that this concept was wrong and this enabled him to argue with the insurance companies. He spent his time to convince the Insurance Companies and Corporates about the necessity of the insurance scheme for the blue collar workers with a lesser premium.

The Proposal put forward by Dr. Hussain was to create a pool with a fixed amount contributed by the Corporates and 10% contributed by the employees. A network was created by linking insurance companies, hospitals, clinics, and thus creating a plan to ensure quality health care for the weaker sector of the society.

Dr. Hussain submitted his research study to Lloyds – Financial Analyst Institution in London and they appreciated his study. Later he presented the reports to Dubai Health Authority and they recognized the concept and studied this data which has later paved way for the implementation of compulsory medical insurance scheme in Dubai. Today Government has implemented compulsory medical Insurance scheme with a premium of AED 600 to AED 700.

Along with the growth of Dubai, Dr. Hussain was also working hard to carry out his vision in providing quality healthcare for the economically weaker sector of the society. Dubai has now become a role model to this world, and is celebrating “Happiness in Dubai” concept, same time Dr. Hussain is very much satisfied in fulfilling his mission while witnessing the entire population in UAE availing Comprehensive Quality Healthcare services.

Dr. Hussain’s concept has become a historic success and an acceptable medical insurance scheme for the lower income group. Over 10000 companies have now insured half a million employees under this scheme in association with 12 national insurance companies in the UAE and other GCC countries. The Insurance companies have acknowledged the merit of this concept. With pride, this scheme can be credited as a unique Indian initiative in the field of health-care coverage for expats in the Gulf region, including Qatar, Oman and Bahrain. Saudi Arabia will also adopt this scheme in the near future. India will also soon adopt this scheme.

Academic Qualifications

  • Registered Medical Practitioner of India, Under the Act 1982, Government of India
  • Registered Medical Practitioner, Tamilnadu Acupuncture Council, Government of Tamil Nadu
  • MD - Alternative Medicine, Indian College of Acupuncture, Patna, Under Bandaranaike University
  • Ph.D. - Dujun Academy, Moscow University, The Open International University For Complementary Medicines

Track record

Prior to starting Fathima Healthcare Group, Dr. Hussain held the positions of Manager / General Physician in Alternative Medicine for a Polyclinic in Dubai and India. He leverages more than 25 years of experience and educational background in medicine in providing healthcare services of the utmost quality. Displaying an effective, productive management style, he manages an administrative staff of 100 who reports directly to him, and 483 employees who work for various projects in India and the GCC countries. His institutions include:

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